VASER LIPO in Newport Beach

There are over 80 surgeons or physicians doing VASER lipo in Newport Beach. It is difficult and confusing to figure out which one is the right surgeon for you. We suggest that a surgeon is more qualified than a physician who is not a trained surgeon.  A plastic or cosmetic surgeon understands the intricacies of surgery and the skills required to master VASER technology.

VASER is undeniably one of the leading technologies in liposuction today. However, as we all know and understand, technology does not make someone an artist. I love music, and there is some fantastic technology for producing and creating music. However, I have insufficient musical talent to create a hit song no matter how good my technology is. It`s a lot like that with surgery; a great tool in the hands of a less than optimal practitioner will not produce the results then a master surgeon would be able to deliver.

While there are lots and lots of people with a VASER machine in the Newport Beach area, only one surgeon trains other surgeons in VASER technology. That surgeon is doctor Mowlavi. He has trained over 100 surgeons in the use of VASER technology and producing high-definition liposuction results.

We strongly encourage anyone considering vaser lipo in Newport Beach, Orange County, California, or for that matter, the United States, to investigate doctor Mowlavi`s results. This first link is to his before and after pictures from vaser lipo. Take a good look at these pictures. While some surgeons show four or five or six results, you can see he`s showing dozens. He`s showing people from various age ranges and different sexes it`s essential to see yourself in at least one or two or three of those patient`s case studies and imagine what your results could be. We`ve also provided a link to Doctor Mowlavi`s home page and take a look good look at his website and make the right decision for you

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