Cosmetic Practice Marketing

Cosmetic Practice Marketing
Search engine optimization or SEO is the core of digital marketing today. It is almost a philosophy. Plastic Surgery Marketing
SEO guides the content we develop. Why write content no one wants to read?
SEO is market research. The frequency of searches tells us the interest in the marketplace place for any given topic.
SEO tells us the questions people have about our products and services. The amount of keywords and related topics tells us the breadth and depth of interest.
The words in searches tell us the percentage of people researching versus buying.

Cosmetic Practice Marketing
Search engine optimization helps us understand questions our prospects want answers to. It helps us understand our buyer’s wants and needs.
Today, we can do prospect research without leaving our home or office. We can understand what motivates our prospects. We can know what words they are looking for when researching a topic. We can also determine what words they use when they ready to buy.
SEO tells us the site content architecture, the pages we need, and even the content flow of those pages.
If we “bake in” this content from the start, or a site redo, readers and the search engines will “get” what our site is about.
Lead with SEO. The design is essential but secondary to great content and SEO.
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