Fans Are Calling For References to a possible abuser in World Of Warcraft To Be Removed

World of Warcraft players demand that all references to the Activision Blizzard lawsuit naming an alleged abuser be deleted from the game.

California was sued by Activision Blizzard Wednesday after a two-year inquiry into “fratboy workplace culture.” This could be a bit overstated, but the suit details numerous instances of particular Activision Blizzard employees allegedly abusingharassment, shaming, and evicting female employees over a long period of time.

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Alex Afrasiabi is one of the defendants in the suit. He was the former World of Warcraft creative chief who left Activision Blizzard quietly in June 2020. The court papers dedicate an entire paragraph Afrasiabi providing details of a specific incident at BlizzCon where he is said to have gotten drunk and began hitting on female employees, “telling them he wanted to marry them, trying to kiss them and then wrapping his arms around them.”

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His hotel room at BlizzCon was nicknamed the Cosby Suite after an alleged rapist Bill Cosby.

Blizzard executives knew about Afrasiabi’s behavior, including Blizzard president J. Allen Brack, but took no effective remedial measures.”

Kotaku has reported that Afrasiabi has left Blizzard in 2020 with little celebration. There was something wrong if you compare that to Jeff Kaplan who received a unique send-off when he quit Blizzard in January.

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Afrasiabi is getting a lot of attention from WoW players who are currently putting two and two together. Afrasiabi is a former Creative Director, and has numerous in-game references including two NPCsas well as Siabi’s Premium Tobacco.

Aside from Reddit posts as well as Blizzard forums, which have urged Afrasiabi’s scouring of WoWplayers, they’ve begun to remove “go away!” signs in front Field Marshal Afrasiabi within Stormwind.

Not only that, WoW players have also started an in-game protest in Oribos, where a number of players from both factions are performing in a sit-in at the inn.

Afrasiabi and Activision Blizzard were not charged with any of these charges. The companyalso rejects all the allegations.

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